What to Read, Watch, and Listen to in August


I am writing this at two in the morning. Today was a Tuesday that felt like a Monday so I had a Starbucks at 4. I couldn’t rally.

Now it’s Wednesday, but is it Wednesday if I haven’t gone to sleep yet?

Since I can’t be the only one producing thoughts about important things like Wednesdays, here are a bunch of things I liked this month.  Grab your wine  coffee and check it out, if you’re into it.



On The Complexity of Motherhood: A GREAT read. Long but absolutely worth it. “For me, the problem then, is not in some platonic incompatibility between art and motherhood, a conflict between the mundane and the celestial, the safe and the unsettling. The conflict is between the selfishness of the artist and the selflessness of a mother.”

On Getting The Epidural: When you have a baby, there will be plenty more pain. The pain of recovery, no matter how you give birth. The pain of nursing. The pain of not fitting into any of your old clothes. The pain of not fitting into even your maternity jeans. The pain of hearing your baby cry and not knowing how to fix it…So really, get the epidural.”

On Fighting in a Marriage: Indifference is the enemy of relationships.

On What the Emmy’s Got Right and What They Got Wrong: We never got into Game of Thrones and now it seems like too big of an undertaking to catch up. I am happy to see Fargo and American Crime snag some nominations–we got really into both.

On Why Men Want to Raise Melanias and Raise Ivankas: So many eye rolls but a good read.

On Why No One is Unreasonable: Offering empathy during dialogue is so important. “It’s certainly possible to change someone’s narrative, but it takes time and patience and leverage. Teaching a new narrative is hard work, essential work, but something that is difficult to do at scale.”

On What Makes A Good Parent (Written By A Therapist): I liked #10. “We often get the impression from the world around us that the goal of parenting is to produce a compliant, well-behaved child. While these are certainly desirable qualities for most parents, they are not core qualities that contribute to a happy and healthy human.” 

On God’s Creation of AnimalsReally funny.

On Throwing Out The Rules In Home Design: “Instead of shoveling dirt on the situation, we should be clearing a path and making home design easier to understand and digest. We should be empowering people to make informed choices with confidence rather than shaming them…”



On Waking Up and Looking Around: #JonStewartforPresident

On Women and Daughters and Rising Above: Wait actually, #FLOTUSforPresident. “When someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don’t stoop to their level. No, our motto is, ‘When they go low, we go high.’”

On Good Design and Making Things Happen: Chances are you have seen the genius that is Studio McGee around the blogosphere. They are brilliant and everything they touch becomes gold. They started a web series, and their first one is about making the best of a rental.



On Monetizing A Blog: John and Sherry from Young House Love interviewed Justina Blakeney and Emily Henderson, and I really appreciate their candor on blogs and money and blogs that make money. It doesn’t have to be smoke and mirrors.

On Jimmy Fallon and Why He Will Never Make Fun of You: We love The Tonight Show and watch it on DVR. Alec Baldwin interviews him on Here’s The Thing (which is an exceptional podcast, if you are looking for a new one) and shares how he became famous without being a bully.



Lo Mein Noodles: I have made this twice in a week. It’s that good and that easy. Make this. Tomorrow. (I just used regular soy sauce. There are different types? I’m sure it matters. I still used Kikkoman)

Grilled Corn with Sriracha Aioli: Because it’s summer and it’s delicious.

Crowd Pleasing Margaritas: frozen can of lime aid, tequila, triple sec, ice. POW.


and a few articles from around here you may have missed…

10 Books I Read This Spring: Fury, rehab, feminism, oh my!

Tips for Flying with A Baby: bottom line–IT’S WORTH IT.


Happy Augusting, errybody.

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