The Loft on Delaware Street


Kansas City had to grow on me, which had very little to do with Kansas City and very much to do with me. I went kicking and screaming, then pouting, then wallowed in self-pity for a while, until I eventually found a haven and let the light in.

The loft on Delaware Street was that haven. Shortly after Carter and I got married, we moved from California to Boston, then from Boston to Kansas City, then to another apartment in Kansas City, and another, and another. We moved 6 times in 2 years and I was losing my ish. Lucky number seven was this loft, and Lordy, Lordy, Hallelujah, Amen.

We only lived there for 15 months, but for in Posladek house talk, that is an eternity. Today was our last day in the apartment, and while we have some exciting things in the pipeline, I’m sure going to miss this place. Here are five memories I will keep close…

loft-portrait-11. We found out I was pregnant (surprise!) the week we moved in. It was an unusually warm January day and we spent the morning packing. I took a pregnancy test, and to our surprise, I was pregnant! We stared at the wall for a few hours in shock, then became drenched with excitement and expectation. I took eight (8!) pregnancy tests, just to be sure :)

2. The River Market’s tight-knit community. I credit the River Market neighborhood with much of our happiness while we were it’s residents. It felt like our own little pocket of the world–the massive farmers market, friendly coffee shop, friends a building away…there was always something going on, something to do. On Sundays, Carter and I liked to order a juice and breakfast burrito at the market and take Louie on a walk by the Missouri River. We visited with the same neighbors at the dog park every evening and chatted with the cooks of the farm-to-table restaurant during their smoke breaks. And who can forget about the instagrammable white wall? :)


3. Marlow’s first home. This is where we brought Marlow home from the hospital. Her first three months of life were wildly intense, and they all happened here. Our family will never be the same now that she is here. She makes everything better.


4. Louie’s wild day alone. One afternoon, Marlow and I were leaving for a few hours and I left Louie in our bedroom (he is crate trained, but because of outside circumstances, we did not have the crate that particular day). I came home to find our room eaten to bits–including the door. He successfully damaged our sheets, mattress and it’s padding, his bed, and, of course, the door.


5. Sleepovers in the living room. Having a baby is thrilling, but we admit we had cabin fever during the winter. On Friday night, after Marlow went to sleep, we would order in thai food or tacos, pull our mattress out into the living room, and watch House of Cards. It felt fun and exciting and we loved waking up with the natural light.

IMG_6918-2And while I won’t miss having nocturnal stoners for neighbors, I will miss everything else :) River Market, you were good to us.

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