The Ensley House Flip: Before

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Construction has begun on the house and we plan to have it on the market in a couple of months! I’m eager to share photos of our progress with you, but first, let’s look at where we started.



The front isn’t in bad shape. It will get a power wash, fresh coat of paint, and new landscaping. The massive hedges are overgrown and cumbersome, so they will get torn out. The front of the house is brick while the garage is painted white, which makes the contrast obvious. We will paint the entire house the same color, which will make it feel bigger and more unified.

For the front stoop, the railings will come down and we are planning on covering the steps with brick pavers. New house numbers, mailbox, front door. Nothing major, just a facelift.




To get to the kitchen, you must pass through the den. If you thought the room looks dark in these photos, that’s because it is. This room has no source of natural light, and the dark paneling doesn’t help the situation. The entrance to the sunroom is also through the den which gives of a ton of light because it’s basically all windows. We will be converting the sunroom into a four seasons room, so we can take out the sliding door and open up the doorway. The half wall separating the kitchen and den will be removed, making the rooms flow together.


The kitchen cabinets are in good condition so they will get painted white. The upper cabinet to the right of the sink and the light box will come down, hardwood floors will go in with new countertops, backsplash, hardware, and appliances.



It was hard to take sufficient before photos of this bathroom because it is a tight squeeze, but the whole thing is getting gutted. The light boxes above the vanity and the shower make the room feel smaller than it is, so taking those out and raising the ceiling height will make the room feel instantly larger. New tile, vanity, mirror, lights–everything will be new in here.

We are flipping a house in Kansas City, MO. This post is a part of a series documenting the renovation and what we learn along the way. You can follow our progress here and on instagram.

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