Before and After: Kitchen and Dining



I’m excited to share pictures of the kitchen and dining room today! The space went through a massive transformation.

When we bought the house as a renovation project six months ago, everything in the kitchen was completely original. The oven was covered in marble contact paper, the mint/cream combo on the cabinets was screaming sixties, and the appliances were ancient. It just wasn’t going to cut it. When the addition was added on in the nineties, the space was never opened up. It created a ton of wasted space on the other side of the kitchen. Plus, none of the natural light from the beautiful windows could come through! BEFORE-KITCHEN copy


We demoed the entire space down to the studs and restructured the layout, starting with opening up the space.

You can see below that the wall we were dying to open was load bearing. We looked at every single option possible but there was no way to have the open kitchen we wanted with a large beam smack dab in the middle. It would have been over the island and cut the space in half. At the end of the day we decided to get the beam lifted into the ceiling, but finding someone to do this was almost impossible. It was a 27 foot beam, which is insane, and we finally convinced a company that only works on commercial properties to come out and do it. We have no regrets–it made the space open and unified.


Once the drywall went in, we could really see the difference. It was coming together! The wall on the left was extended on both sides to lengthen the kitchen (it became a coat closet on the other side), and the entrance to the now master bathroom was closed up. We laced in new hardwoods so the flow was seamless throughout the space.

And now, it looks like this!



ensley-homes-frog-house(104of144) ensley-homes-frog-house(103of144) ensley-homes-frog-house(101of144)

It’s just a little different now ;)


Let’s start in the kitchen–cramped and dated no more! We opened it up by knocking down walls and adding a massive island. We constructed the island based on the largest since piece of carrara marble we could find. The island ended up being over 8 feet long and 6 feet wide. On one side is a massive (36″) farmhouse sink, and the other has additional cabinets to maximize storage space. This house is definitely not lacking in storage.


We added all white cabinetry but played around with the countertops. The island is a single slab of carrara marble, and the back countertop is matte black granite. In an all white kitchen, it’s important to have somewhere where messes don’t show. The workspace right next to the oven was the perfect spot to add some contrast. stools

We tied the black countertops in with the showstopper of the space–the black, butte pendant lights. They are massive, at 24″ wide. They center the space and demand attention, but they are still neutral and speak to the rest of the space. We added these stools to bring in some warmth. I like how the geometric shapes juxtapose the modern space and the vintage rug behind them.
ensley-homes-frog-house(98of144) ensley-homes-frog-house(95of144)

ensley-homes-frog-house(90of144) Knobs / Bin Pulls  / Faucet / Rug (vintage) 



The dining table is a showstopper by Unruh Furniture. Seriously, if you are looking for a custom piece of furniture, these are your people. This table is truly stunning in person. They have tons of styles to choose from, but this particular table is the Breckenridge.



I need these bells. I haven’t stopped thinking about them since the shoot! (from Golden and Pine)ensley-homes-frog-house(70of144)-3 ensley-homes-frog-house(69of144) ensley-homes-frog-house(66of144) ensley-homes-frog-house(64of144)

One of my favorite small businesses on the planet is Convivial Production. Their ceramic pieces are timeless and so, so beautiful. Every piece is hand made and unique.

pillows / dining chairs dining chairs (similar) / rug/ ceramics / watercolor (vintage) framed by Framebridge / bellsensley-homes-frog-house(56of144) ensley-homes-frog-house(52of144) bells

What do you think? We are so happy with how it turned out.

photos by Kaley Kocinski / styling by Janette at Son and Dotter


Windsor Dining Chairs (similar)


Ceramic bowls and plates

Bells (similar)

Rug (vintage) 

Black Pendant Lights


Knobs / Bin Pulls 

Farmhouse Kitchen Table & Bench



Framed Artwork

Dining Table Rug



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