Around These Parts


Oh Spring, where art thou? Kansas City has had cold, rainy days lately; we had our heater on just yesterday. It’s supposed to jump up to 86 this weekend, though, so we are looking forward to getting out a bit. Maybe the park? My parents are visiting from California and helping with projects around the Ensley house. It has been great to have them here and Marlow is in Nana heaven.  Sometimes I think I have them convinced to stay, but eventually they will realize there isn’t a beach here?


So stinkin’ proud of this baby (the plant) (I’m also proud of my actual baby). This is my third fiddle leaf fig and I am determined to keep her alive. She has new leaves! Look at her go! So happy about it. IMG_7314

The girl that never took a pacifier now wants to play with them, but she still refuses to put them in her mouth. She puts everything in her mouth, except the pacifier. If only she could understand irony. IMG_7329

We have developed a new bedtime routine for Marlow called the “B’s.” Instead of going to bed, we say, “let’s go do the B’s!” which is said in an annoyingly upbeat tone. She sees right through us. The B’s are bath, books, bottle (right now she is still nursing), bed. We will see how it goes. Anyway, we are working on reading with her daily. Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Who Is Coming To Our House, The Napping House, San Francisco, and Jane Eyre are in the current rotation. IMG_7171

The kitchen is coming along! It looks nothing like it used to. Remember the before pictures? There are still some obvious projects, but it is a completely functioning kitchen which is saving. my. sanity.


We’ve got a stander! Shoot dang. This is a game changer. She’s looking down at the ground, like, “peace out.”


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