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5 Things I Love About Marlow at 6 Months


SIX MONTHS. Whoa. Where did the time go?!

For the first few months, time felt soooo sloooowwww. This is likely due to insomnia (I didn’t sleep for, like, 50 days) and panic (whhyyyyy is she cryyyyying..?!). Quickly, though, time sped up. Everything started happening so quickly, and I was like, whoa, girl, slow the heck down.

Now she’s sitting up, laughing, and it’s all amazing because clearly she is so advanced. Here are 5 things I am loving about this stage:

1. Her cough-laugh Guys. This is a killer. She laugh-coughs (cough-laughs?) and it’s hilarious. She did it once for my parents and they cracked up, so now she does it all the time.

Print2.  Constant curiosity From the very beginning, Marlow was more interested in seeing the world than cuddling with us. She only likes to be carried outward and hates being unable to see what’s going on around her. She is so curious about everything–it’s all new! The mundane parts of the day become less mundane when your baby starts squealing at a park bench.

3. Face Recognition She is starting to know who people are and when they come and go. When Carter walks into a room, she will shriek with joy; when he walks out, it’s an utter panic. She smiles as soon as she sees my parents on FaceTime and starts flailing her arms, which obviously wins our hearts every time.


4. Louie These two…they love each other. When Marlow is crying, I can put her next to Louie and nine times out of ten, she will stop instantly. She pokes his eyes and pulls his ears and he is so patient with her. It’s really the most endearing thing to watch. It will be fun to see how their relationship evolves as she gets older.


5. Picking her up in the morning Going into her room in the morning and picking her up is one of my favorite parts of the day. I am so not a morning person, but her big grin really takes the edge off :)


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