12 Beautiful Calendars For The New Year


Can you believe it’s almost 2017? I’m usually nostalgic this time of year, but 2016 was WEIRD. And after this week, it feels like a good time to start thinking ahead..

There’s nothing like turning over my calendar to a new month–a fresh start, days that haven’t filled up with activities yet, celebrations to look forward to. Hanging up a new year calendar is even better; so much promise for what is to come. Here are twelve calendars to make your days a little brighter:



first row: navy letterpress / Rifle floral / modern shapes

second row: greenhouses / silhouette / ladies of literature (my pick)

third row: mixed media floral / modern abstract / coloring book 

fourth row: gouache floral / black and white quotes / blush watercolor


(top photo)

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Let’s Talk About Postpartum Depression


Marlow turned one last month and we couldn’t wait to celebrate. We ordered a cake from a local bakery, hung the birthday banner, and invited our family over. As I was dressing her for her party in a blue and white pinstripe dress, I caught a glimpse of us in the mirror. “Look at us,” I whispered to Marlow. “We did it. We are strong.”

When Marlow was born last September, I immediately knew something was wrong. Not with her—she was perfect, warm, and gentle. But there was something very wrong—with me. Continue Reading →


7 Books To Read This Fall


I’m way behind on cataloguing my 52 book venture, mostly because my eyes are so freakin tired from reading SO MANY BOOKS. So many books, guys. So many. I have stayed on track with my goal, though, so I guess my eyes can rest in January.

Despite having tired eyes, I read some amazing books this Summer. A few of them have become of my favorites of all time. Keep reading to see what I read, including a murder mystery that kept me up at night…

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Kansas City Restaurant Guide


Kansas City is a well-kept secret. When I first visited nearly a decade ago, I half-expected to just see corn fields everywhere…but it’s a metropolis with a thriving art scene, exceptionally kind people, and delicious food. Now that Kansas City is home for us, there are ten restaurants we keep coming back to. Here are our very favorites, including world famous barbecue and a coffeeshop that moonlights as a bar…

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Baby Registry Essentials


Marlow is almost a year old and we just finished putting her baby things in storage. She is no longer a newborn and soon she will be a full-fledged toddler. Over the past year, I’ve paid close attention to what I used every day and what we never touched. Every baby is different, so we held onto a few things that our next kid may want (like pacifiers, which Marlow never liked), but got rid of any clothing, blankets, books, gear, etc. that didn’t work for one reason or another. Here is what worked for us…

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A Visit to Northern California: Monterey


I grew up in Monterey (and my parents still live there) so we go back to visit pretty often. Marlow and I usually go for long weekends, but all three of us went this time and we were there for over a week. It was a much needed break from routine.

This was the first visit where we did activities specifically for Marlow. Prior to this trip, she was just so tiny and went along with whatever we did. Now she is curious and soaking everything in around her. It’s really fun showing her my hometown in a way she can understand. Here is what we did, if you would like to see…

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What to Read, Watch, and Listen to in August


I am writing this at two in the morning. Today was a Tuesday that felt like a Monday so I had a Starbucks at 4. I couldn’t rally.

Now it’s Wednesday, but is it Wednesday if I haven’t gone to sleep yet?

Since I can’t be the only one producing thoughts about important things like Wednesdays, here are a bunch of things I liked this month.  Grab your wine  coffee and check it out, if you’re into it.

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10 Books I Read This Spring


Summer is in full swing over here. Lots of hot days and pool visits and late night talks on the back porch. I love how late the light lasts and the lightening bugs that come out right before climbing into bed. With the hot weather comes busy and full days. We are checking off boxes around the house flip and planning our next steps, while Carter is working long days in the office (he did manage to hang a tree swing, though :)  I read some really great books this spring (this post is way over due), and my list for the summer keeps growing. Let’s pick up where we left off, continuing the count toward 52 books.

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A Morning Smoothie for Marlow and Me


Marlow is eating solids now and we introduce a new food about once a week. She still doesn’t like texture, so smoothies are a good way to add new consistencies. When my Mom was visiting, she made a morning smoothie and I’ve since been making it for Marlow and me. I make a base and pour out a portion for Marlow before adding some more things to mine like chia seed, greek yogurt, and sometimes protein powder or peanut butter. Continue Reading →


Around These Parts


Oh Spring, where art thou? Kansas City has had cold, rainy days lately; we had our heater on just yesterday. It’s supposed to jump up to 86 this weekend, though, so we are looking forward to getting out a bit. Maybe the park? My parents are visiting from California and helping with projects around the Ensley house. It has been great to have them here and Marlow is in Nana heaven.  Sometimes I think I have them convinced to stay, but eventually they will realize there isn’t a beach here?


So stinkin’ proud of this baby (the plant) (I’m also proud of my actual baby). This is my third fiddle leaf fig and I am determined to keep her alive. She has new leaves! Look at her go! So happy about it. IMG_7314

The girl that never took a pacifier now wants to play with them, but she still refuses to put them in her mouth. She puts everything in her mouth, except the pacifier. If only she could understand irony. IMG_7329

We have developed a new bedtime routine for Marlow called the “B’s.” Instead of going to bed, we say, “let’s go do the B’s!” which is said in an annoyingly upbeat tone. She sees right through us. The B’s are bath, books, bottle (right now she is still nursing), bed. We will see how it goes. Anyway, we are working on reading with her daily. Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Who Is Coming To Our House, The Napping House, San Francisco, and Jane Eyre are in the current rotation. IMG_7171

The kitchen is coming along! It looks nothing like it used to. Remember the before pictures? There are still some obvious projects, but it is a completely functioning kitchen which is saving. my. sanity.


We’ve got a stander! Shoot dang. This is a game changer. She’s looking down at the ground, like, “peace out.”



Ensley House Update: Why We Moved In


We are flipping a house in Kansas City, MO. This post is a part of a series documenting the renovation and what we learn along the way. You can follow our progress here and on instagram.

We moved into the Ensley project this week and we are starting to get settled. Since we are flipping this house to sell it, we will only be living here a few months. Obviously, we will have to move out once we sell it which means we will be in this house about four months. While some of our belongings are staying in boxes, the majority of our things are getting unpacked and finding homes. Frames will be hung, furniture will be arranged and rearranged, it will feel like home for a very short time. Our decision to move in may seem crazy, but it was certainly the right choice for us for a few reasons… Continue Reading →


The Ensley House: Kitchen Before Photos and Plans


We are flipping a house in Kansas City, MO. This post is a part of a series documenting the renovation and what we learn along the way. You can follow our progress here and on instagram.

Let’s talk about the kitchen. It has great bones but some awkward features that make the space confusing. Our plan with this room is to enhance the great bones it already has and eliminate the less-than-ideal parts (mostly walls) so the space makes more sense for a modern family. The kitchen will be a focal point of this house so we are coming in with guns a blazin’.

The kitchen is in the back corner of the house with entrances from the garage (at the top near the range), formal dining room (to the left), and the den (below). We are keeping the basic layout but moving the entrance from the garage to the dining room (more on that later), knocking down the wall that separates the kitchen from the den, and relocating a set of base cabinets.

We have two main priorities in this space: update the overall feel of the kitchen while keeping its integrity, and make the breakfast nook more functional. The breakfast nook has potential but it is really cramped right now. It can seat two people uncomfortably and the chairs stick out in the already tight walkway. Taking the wall down and adding the right furniture will make this space usable and accessible. I’ve got my eye out for the right table and chairs for the space.

The majority of changes to this space are cosmetic. It will be a classic white kitchen with white cabinets,  light gray granite/quartz, and subway tile. We will add reclaimed wood open shelving to replace one upper cabinet. Luckily, this kitchen has a ton of cabinet space which is rare for an older home.

We’re working on a full house floor plan, but below is a side-by-side of the original layout vs. what it will look like when we are finished:

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The Loft on Delaware Street


Kansas City had to grow on me, which had very little to do with Kansas City and very much to do with me. I went kicking and screaming, then pouting, then wallowed in self-pity for a while, until I eventually found a haven and let the light in.

The loft on Delaware Street was that haven. Shortly after Carter and I got married, we moved from California to Boston, then from Boston to Kansas City, then to another apartment in Kansas City, and another, and another. We moved 6 times in 2 years and I was losing my ish. Lucky number seven was this loft, and Lordy, Lordy, Hallelujah, Amen.

We only lived there for 15 months, but for in Posladek house talk, that is an eternity. Today was our last day in the apartment, and while we have some exciting things in the pipeline, I’m sure going to miss this place. Here are five memories I will keep close… Continue Reading →


Takin’ A House and Flippin’ It


…And we are moving in during construction. It’s all a terrible idea.

BUT. Who doesn’t like an added challenge? A crawling baby, a hyper puppy, a temporary living situation, and a gutted fixer upper sounds like one hell of a party to me.

A few builders in the area were wanting to tear the home down, and we didn’t want that to happen. It is a beautiful home with tons of potential for the modern family, it just needs a good update. We’re going to flip this house in 3 months and list it this summer.

Every home has a story, and the home on Ensley Lane has a beautiful one. I’ll share it sometime soon, but I hope that with each house we flip (however many that will be), we can appreciate and value its history. The families that lived there, the detail and character of the home, the Kansas City history embedded in each creaky floorboard.

We are taking a home and breathing life into it again so another family can add to the story of the home. We want Kansas City homes to keep writing stories.

The house on Ensley Lane was a home of laughter, family, and love. Hopefully, a new family will continue it’s legacy.

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5 Things I Love About Marlow at 6 Months


SIX MONTHS. Whoa. Where did the time go?!

For the first few months, time felt soooo sloooowwww. This is likely due to insomnia (I didn’t sleep for, like, 50 days) and panic (whhyyyyy is she cryyyyying..?!). Quickly, though, time sped up. Everything started happening so quickly, and I was like, whoa, girl, slow the heck down.

Now she’s sitting up, laughing, and it’s all amazing because clearly she is so advanced. Here are 5 things I am loving about this stage:

1. Her cough-laugh Guys. This is a killer. She laugh-coughs (cough-laughs?) and it’s hilarious. She did it once for my parents and they cracked up, so now she does it all the time.

Print2.  Constant curiosity From the very beginning, Marlow was more interested in seeing the world than cuddling with us. She only likes to be carried outward and hates being unable to see what’s going on around her. She is so curious about everything–it’s all new! The mundane parts of the day become less mundane when your baby starts squealing at a park bench.

3. Face Recognition She is starting to know who people are and when they come and go. When Carter walks into a room, she will shriek with joy; when he walks out, it’s an utter panic. She smiles as soon as she sees my parents on FaceTime and starts flailing her arms, which obviously wins our hearts every time.


4. Louie These two…they love each other. When Marlow is crying, I can put her next to Louie and nine times out of ten, she will stop instantly. She pokes his eyes and pulls his ears and he is so patient with her. It’s really the most endearing thing to watch. It will be fun to see how their relationship evolves as she gets older.


5. Picking her up in the morning Going into her room in the morning and picking her up is one of my favorite parts of the day. I am so not a morning person, but her big grin really takes the edge off :)